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We are saddened to hear of the passing of Malcolm Wolf. We enjoyed the time we spent with him during his visit with us last spring. He was a warm soul with a passion for his language and an enthusiasm for passing it on to generations to come.

“A man who was invaluable has left us. Grandmother Earth is now his blanket, and we mourn. He was a respected and honorable man for his entire life. He always lived according to the best values of Hidatsa culture and way of life.

Compassion: He was always compassionate with people and helped them with a happy heart.

Generosity: He was always generous and shared with people whatever he could give. He had a true affection for his people.

Wisdom: He gave wise advice and served his people by making wise decisions when he was their leader. He believed that the Hidatsa language should be kept alive and taken into the future by the young people.

Patience: In times of suffering he took courage and patiently withstood the trials. And when he worked on something he persevered until he finished it.

Respect: He knew how to treat people with respect. He showed all people equal respect and was always very kind to them.

Humility: Even though he accomplished many great things and was a well-known man, he remained humble and never talked about his accomplishments. His mother and father raised him according to the traditional ways.

Now Malcolm, you are making the journey to the spirit world and we are sad. But we will always remember you.”
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Happy New Year everyone! Just a quick post to let you know we're still on hold with Phase IV language work. We'll definitely update you as we have news! Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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UPDATE: the MHA Language Project: Phase 4 (new books, apps, website/social media, Summer Institute) is still on hold. We apologize, but TLC can only act upon approval of the MHA Business Council. For current status of the Project, please contact the Tribal Business Council at 701-627-4781, or email ... See MoreSee Less

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT — Today is a very important meeting at the MHA Tribal Business Council. It's about the FUTURE OF THE HIDATSA LANGUAGE, and continuing the MHA Language Project into Phase 4. Please attend if you can! We need your support, so this young boy can continue learning the language!

(Meeting starts later this morning. We expect language to be on the agenda sometime this afternoon.)
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