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Start learning Hidatsa today!

• Audio Pronunciation recorded from Fluent Hidatsa Speakers
• Consistent phonemic spelling
• The ability to search in Hidatsa or English with a full indexed reference dictionary
• A place to save your favorite words for quick reference
• Offline ability that works without an active data connection
• Regular updates with latest revisions and improvements

This fun to use and explore self-study tool is the ultimate electronic Hidatsa learning and reference App, now optimized for portable use!

Available for iOS and Android
Also Check out online version at

The MHA Language Project provides quality textbooks  and children’s books for early Hidatsa Language education.

– Content approved and provided by tribal members, Mary Gachupin, Martha Birdbear, Lila Gwin, Dora Gwin, Delvin Driver Sr, Delvin Driver Jr, Lisa Casarez, and others
– Fun and culturally relevant artwork
– Reviewed by top Siouan Language experts

Contact the MHA Education Department for book availability.

A fun audio companion for your Hidatsa textbooks! Just look, tap, and listen!

Audio available for:
Hiráaca íire! — Speak Hidatsa Level 1
Cíhba maaʔágashiʔadi néec — The Prairie Dog Goes to School
Midéegaadish híi Máadinaxbi — The Buffalo and the Boat

The Hidatsa Media Player is a companion to the MHA Language Project’s Hidatsa series of textbooks and children’s books. Just point your phone at the page and tap to hear native speakers pronounce the words. The audio guide section gives you complete access to the textbook vocabulary with an easy tap and swipe interface.

-More than 600 words and phrases!
-Each children’s book has the full text audio so you can read along.
-Three full Hidatsa books included (and more to come!)
-Augmented reality (AR) places audio players right on the page in every unit!
-Audio guide reveals the English with a tap.

Available for iOS and Android


Type Hidatsa into any text area

With the MHA Keyboards–Mobile installed, you can switch between English and Hidatsa as you type emails, texts, web content, or any other text-input field!

For Android, from the Google Play Store


For iOS, from the iTunes Store:

Build your Hidatsa vocabulary with the Hidatsa Language Project’s FREE vocabulary game for your phone. Quiz yourself every day to learn different categories – wild animals, food, drinks, and more! The free version of the app includes:
> 12 culturally-relevant categories designed by Hidatsa speakers
> Up to 15 words per category, for a total of more than 75 words!
> Audio pronunciation and visual aid for each word in the category
> Quiz yourself by matching English words to Hidatsa words, and vice versa
> Progress through levels to unlock new words
> Track your progress and review words you’ve learned by category or activity

Available on iOS and Android

 Check out the Hidatsa Language Forum!

Help start a community of language learners.

Get easy access to Hidatsa Teaching and Learning Materials.

Hear about new Hidatsa learning materials.


Tools for teaching Hidatsa

Teaching Hidatsa is a difficult task, and the MHA Language project is here to support your classroom.

Classroom Posters and Flashcards can be integrated into numerous classroom activities.

Contact the MHA Education Department for availability.

The audio component for the Hidatsa Level 1 textbook can be found though our bookstore or online at  Join the forum and let us know that you are a teacher to join the discussion with other Hidatsa Language Teachers.

MHA Summer Institute (Discontinued until further notice)

The MHA Language Project supports Hidatsa language teachers, and encourages new teachers to join the Hidatsa language revitalization movement, through the annual Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Summer Institute (MHASI).

First launched in 2014, MHASI today is the leading professional development event in the world for MHA language teachers. For Hidatsa teachers and learners, it’s an event not to be missed, with courses in Hidatsa phonology and teaching methods, plus an Hidatsa Intensive track for beginners.

To learn more about the Institute, visit



Our Language. Our Survival.

At MHA Nation we believe that the strength and health of the Hidatsa community depends on the vitality of the Hidatsa language. Our language conveys our traditions, our ways of being, and our stories.  Today, our language is in danger of being lost, but we are fighting to keep it alive.

We are working hard to make new textbooks, to train fluent speakers in the latest teaching methods, and to build new technology – all to help preserve the language. Our goal is to support the Hidatsa-speaking community and produce as many fluent speakers of Hidatsa as we can!


The Hidatsa language is a gift. This project helps us in a great way.

MHA Summer Institute Participant

We believe that the strength and survival of our tribal nation depends on the nurturing of our language, cultural, social and spiritual knowledge.

This is an excellent initiative and very beneficial to our language revitalization efforts.

Hidatsa Language Teacher