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Hidatsa on the Go! Apps for Hidatsa

NEW! Hidatsa Media Player


Available for iOS and Android

A revolutionary app for your smart phone that speaks to you in Hidatsa!

The Hidatsa Media Player is a companion to the MHA Language Project’s Hidatsa series of textbooks and children’s books. Just point your phone at the page and tap to hear native speakers pronounce the words. The audio guide section gives you complete access to the textbook vocabulary with an easy tap and swipe interface.

• More than 600 words and phrases!
• Each children’s book has the full text audio so you can read along.
• Augmented reality places audio players right on the page in every unit!
• Audio guide reveals the English with a tap.

Works with the following books:
• Hiráaca íire! — Speak Hidatsa Level 1
• Cíhba maaʔágashiʔadi néec — The Prairie Dog Goes to School
• Midéegaadish híi Máadinaxbi — The Buffalo and the Boat


Hidatsa Vocab Builder

Hid Vocab App FeatureA fun quiz game to build your  vocabulary

Available for iOS and Android

Quiz yourself every day to learn words in different categories – wild animals, food, drinks, and more!

• 20 culturally-relevant categories designed by Hidatsa speakers
• 10-25 words per category, for a total of 200-500 words!
• Audio pronunciation and visual aid for each word
• Quiz yourself by matching English words to Hidatsa words, and vice versa
• Progress through levels to unlock new words
• Track your progress and review words you’ve learned by category or activity


Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Mobile Keyboards

imgo-940x300type your MHA language into any text area

With the MHA Keyboards–Mobile installed, you can switch between English and your Mandan, Hidatsa or Arikara language as you type emails, texts, web content, or any other text-input field!

For Android, from the Google Play Store
Mandan  Hidatsa      Arikara

For iOS, from the iTunes Store:
Mandan      Hidatsa     Arikara