MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

HID 110 – Hidatsa Phonology

Course Description:


An essential part of revitalization is materials development. An important part of this is a sound understanding of the sound system of the language.  In order to use the material developed by TLC for Hidatsa a firm foundation in the sound system and rules of the language are a must. To that end, this class focuses on why a standardized spelling system is critical for successful learning and how that spelling system works. The week-long course will be devoted to an overview of the Hidatsa spelling system and will focus on training consistency in writing the language. Special emphasis will be on developing a basic understanding of Hidatsa phonology, the issues and difficulties associated with English speakers learning these sounds, and developing a professional approach on teaching these concepts.  The use of the specialized Hidatsa font and keyboard software will also be covered.

Course Objectives:

To introduce learners in the effective use of The Hidatsa Standard Spelling system and Hidatsa phonology, so that they are adept at understanding lesson provided in the TLC materials developed for the Three Affiliated Tribes.

Course Textbooks:

“Speak Hidatsa! – Level 1 Hidatsa Textbook”, MHA language Project, MHA Dept. of Education, 2014.

“Speak Hidatsa! – Level 2 Hidatsa Textbook”, MHA language Project, MHA Dept. of Education, 2015.